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Ghostbusters (2016) Review
Ever since 2014, fanboys basically were up in arms over Ghostbusters being rebooted. The original cast wasn't coming back (but let's face it; Harold Ramis being ill and dead as well as the probability of a 3rd movie not being very good most likely stopped it) but really a reboot was the best call if they wanted to continue the franchise and it got worse when Paul Feig said the immortal idea, "I want to do it with all women."
And suddenly, all the sexists and racists given Leslie Jones, came out of the woodwork. I know a friend of mine once objected to the idea not for sexist reasons mind you, he just wasn't a fan of the franchise, period even when I suggested a fan cast of my own years ago. What's funny first it was a mixed gender cast and then when it was finally announced Feig was doing an all-women reboot; I offered my own.
If you're curious; it consisted of Sasheer Zamata, Abbi Jacobson, Kristen Bell and Emma Watson.
I admit I was disappointed neither of my choices got in
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Captain America: Civil War Review
I really dug this one better than I thought honestly and it certainly displayed a lot of maturity. What I liked a lot amongst a lot of things was the personal stakes involved especially regarding Rogers, Stark, T'Challa and Bucky. And at the same time, nobody felt shortchanged. Everyone was there for a reason and had something to fight for. I liked Scarlet Witch's arc even as while she doesn't appear as much in comparison, it was sad to see her distraught and horrified, I did honestly feel for her and rooted for her when she finally decides to take a stand against Vision.
There were a lot of silent scenes and characters talking which was really refreshing to be honest as it really did the film a lot of favors with its treatment of its own cast. Like there's a scene where The Vision and Scarlet Witch attempt to cook. It was a nice little scene and while a lead up to a particular moment, it did feel very genuine. Like it felt like I was watching these characters full realized more s
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Doctor Strange Review
(Caution: Spoilers Below)
I really enjoyed this more than I thought. Part of what made it work for me was that the film is indeed about a very arrogant, privileged guy who later on as the film goes on learns humility and respect. He learns that he can do more and interestingly the lessons come from a woman, a black man and an Asian man telling him not to be a douchebag a lot. In fact, it's great set up for his character that is ultimately paid off well that leads to an unconventional and well executed climax. See, Kaecilius (played by Mads Mikkelsen) and his disciples are followers of Dormammu, the big nemesis of Strange in the comics. What Strange does in the film is that he frustrates Dormammu with a trick he learned. Strange traps him in a Groundhog Day loop where he gets killed over and over again until Dormammu agrees to his demands which ultimately defeat Kaecilius and his disciples.
That is a very impressive feat for the character and it's a good way for Marvel to avoid their cl
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Miraculous Ladybug vs. Pennywise the Clown by Movie-Man Miraculous Ladybug vs. Pennywise the Clown :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 14 3 Rey by Movie-Man Rey :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 49 10 Krampus Motivator by Movie-Man Krampus Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 36 24 Sailor Venus Motivator by Movie-Man Sailor Venus Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 14 1 Sailor Mars Motivator by Movie-Man Sailor Mars Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 10 3 Jessica Jones Motivator by Movie-Man Jessica Jones Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 23 1 James Bond Motivator by Movie-Man James Bond Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 14 5 Sailor Mercury Motivator by Movie-Man Sailor Mercury Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 9 8
Crimson Peak Review
Ghosts are real, that much I know. I've seen them all my life..."
Happy Halloween one and all! And what better way to close off my 31 Reviews of Horror than the latest offering from Guillermo del Toro?
Ah yes, Guillermo del Toro. A master visionary with an earned fanbase and for a good reason. With personal projects such as Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth to the blockbusters like Blade II, the Hellboy films and Pacific Rim. And with Crimson Peak, this fits in with the former category. del Toro wanted to make an old fashion ghost movie in the vein of The Haunting for example especially given recent ghost movies are more B-Movie projects and found footage films and very likely, the guy thought it was time to go old school and undoubtedly that was for the better.
Now there’s debate as to whether the film should be classified as Horror, gothic romance or even mystery and now that I’ve seen the film myself, I can safely it’s all of the above. A
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Halloween II (1981) Review
“You don’t know what death is.”
Halloween became the success nobody expected to happen and of course, somebody wanted a sequel, specifically Irwin Yablans and wanted John Carpenter but as you can imagine, nobody was interested; Carpenter wanted to do The Fog instead and after being sued by Yablans over the fact that despite the fact that Yablans agreed to produce The Fog, Carpenter took the film to Avco Embassy and a settlement was reached. Carpenter and Debra Hill can do The Fog as long as they go onto Halloween II afterwards.
In other words, this was an obligation for them. However while Hill and Carpenter wrote the script, Carpenter opted not to direct. Instead, Rick Rosenthal was chosen to direct instead thanks to both him and Carpenter sharing the same agent. In a bit irony, the film was released during the heyday of the slasher movie train once Friday the 13th popularized slasher films, Carpenter opted for the kill scenes to be just as gory as the ones that came
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Scream 2 Review
"Hello Sydney, remember me?"
Scream, thanks to word of mouth, became a huge blockbuster that single handedly saved the Horror genre from extinction despite Hollywood’s attempts to eagerly close the door on the genre forever. Suddenly, Wes Craven became a big name director again to mainstream audiences and Kevin Williamson was soon the hottest, young talent in Hollywood to the point of creating Dawson’s Creek for the at-the-time newly established WB Network.
But most of all, Hollywood began going after Horror once again but this time, the trend was to cash in on the success of Scream with similarly-themed films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer (written by Williamson himself) and Urban Legend to the point of casting young actors who were a hit with the audience who read teen magazines like Freddie Prinze, Jr. or Sarah Michelle Gellar (yes, she’s in Scream 2). And naturally, a sequel to Scream wasn’t out of the question as it was put on the fast track with C
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American Psycho Review
“There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape. But even after admitting this, there is no catharsis; my punishment continues to elude me, and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself. No new knowledge can be extracted from my telling. This confession has meant nothing.”
No doubt even if you haven’t seen it, you know what this film is especially if you happen to be a comic book fan. Batman as a psychopath. The casting typecast joke writes itself there but don’t expect me to make references to comic book characters throughout this review.
Look my point is, American Psycho. There’s a good reason this film is still well remembered. For myself, well
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The Guest Review
“I’m a soldier, man. I like guns.”
Wow, this movie turned out a lot better than I imagined.
Let me tell you something about me and You’re Next. You’re Next was directed Adam Wingard and written Simon Barrett. I was literally among the only people who saw the film opening weekend and a shame because that film needs love as it’s so friggin’ good. Now I mention this specifically because the same director/writer team worked with each other again for The Guest.
I don’t remember specifically how I was introduced to the film but if I were to guess, it was probably Film Brain’s Projector review of the film that sold me on it. Problem was, no theater around my area was playing it. One was playing Tusk in terms of indie Horror films and I was the stupid motherfucker who watched that. And like Honeymoon, The Guest is also a film I wish I watched instead of Tusk but I’m getting ahead of myself.
But aside from a Blu-Ray release, I also saw
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I'm Not Kidding! She Actually Wants This. by Albertp76
Mature content
I'm Not Kidding! She Actually Wants This. :iconalbertp76:Albertp76 49 17
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I decided to open a new feature. How about this I offer to any of my Watchers? I promote your stuff on my journal in exchange for points. The prices will be discussed via note as I prefer to negotiate the cost.
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Well I'll be blunt about it, I'm broke (at least for points and lack of a paypal account) so I decided to start a donation for points. Okay, 10,000 points is incredibly too much but well, at times I can be desperate.

Just that since comissions seem to be hot so well, I decided to earn points. So, with every donation; you get a free request for a Death Battle idea of your own or if you want a character on a billboard, movie theatre screen, etc. Send it to me and I'll do it.

Death Battle Prices:

Here are the prices:

For one DB card - 10 points (it will extend to 20 if you want more than one.)
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For book characters - 10 points

If you request like the Nostalgia Critic-like web-based characters, I'll extend that to 5 or 10 points. So yeah, that's the price listing.

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