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Ever since 2014, fanboys basically were up in arms over Ghostbusters being rebooted. The original cast wasn't coming back (but let's face it; Harold Ramis being ill and dead as well as the probability of a 3rd movie not being very good most likely stopped it) but really a reboot was the best call if they wanted to continue the franchise and it got worse when Paul Feig said the immortal idea, "I want to do it with all women."

And suddenly, all the sexists and racists given Leslie Jones, came out of the woodwork. I know a friend of mine once objected to the idea not for sexist reasons mind you, he just wasn't a fan of the franchise, period even when I suggested a fan cast of my own years ago. What's funny first it was a mixed gender cast and then when it was finally announced Feig was doing an all-women reboot; I offered my own.

If you're curious; it consisted of Sasheer Zamata, Abbi Jacobson, Kristen Bell and Emma Watson.

I admit I was disappointed neither of my choices got in but I think I prefer the women who Feig eventually cast better. But I'm just rambling, the point is; I defended this film since day one despite everyone saying it'll suck or it'll fail. The first trailer didn't help but what people forget is that trailers to Paul Feig's films, they're never good. The trailer to Spy is among the worst trailers I've seen that made it look like Paul Blart 2 like "haha because she's fat" kind of jokes. The actual film is nothing like that. Not even one fat joke. Ghostbusters is no exception. And of course, fans made conspiracies to make it look bad and such, again I'm rambling.

The point is, fuck these so-called "fanboys" because Ghostbusters is fucking awesome.

Pretty much a lot of elements work in this film's favor. Of course what brings it to life is the cast. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones all gel together wonderfully. Different personalities intersecting with Erin being the insecure one, Abby is pretty much something of the film's equivalent to Ray Stanz, always enthusiastic about the paranormal. Jillian Holtzmann is the eccentric inventor and Patty Tolan is the snarky one but more down to earth in comparison. Given that the first three are scientists and Patty is a historian, this is essentially a movie about celebrating nerds. Especially "geek girls." This is undoubtedly a power fantasy movie for a lot of women and well deserved too since the actresses chosen definitely elevated what was on page.

The improv does help a lot. I argue that this new cast does make this a worthy competitor to the original given it has a lot of quotable dialogue and hilarity abound.
Plus with Patty, it fixed an element with the original when it introduced Winston. Look, Ernie Hudson is cool and all but he didn't have much to do. All the white dudes got to do cool stuff. Patty on the other hand got more screen time, she asserted herself to joining the team, she did a lot of ghostbusting, had a valuable asset and most importantly, she was funny. Absolutely funny.

I did like the arc between Erin and Abby as they start out as estranged friends with different viewpoints but both rekindled it over the course of the film which I felt was well done.

Other cast members do fine as well. Chris Hemsworth was pretty funny himself as I expected. I also definitely got a kick out of the cameos from Signourney Weaver and Annie Potts (spoiler alert, Weaver's cameo is the best one out of all of them). Neil Casey did fine of Rowan. I do like the villain but I do wish there were more scenes with him than beyond a simple motivation but I love the themes surrounding the guy as he does truly represent something of a dark reflection of the new Ghostbusters in which he was also mocked for his study in the paranormal including his beliefs but whereas the new Ghostbusters just keep going in spite of everything against them, Rowan just goes nuts and thinks committing violence is the best way to get back at everyone. It's a theme I wish was explored more but I do think he was much of an interesting villain and in fairness, he does prove to be much of a threat.

I've heard quite a bit that the first twenty minutes or so were slow and honestly, it didn't feel that way surprisingly. If anything, I felt at times the time went a bit too fast (in fact, this might explain the upcoming extended Blu-Ray). I did feel like at one point a scene was cut that led up to another like when Erin figures out Rowan's plan. But I guess because of the strength of the cast and the humor itself, it just worked for me. I especially appreciated the jab at the ghost hunting reality shows (the lead up was a clever segway actually).

And speaking of, humor is often subjective so this will largely depend if Feig's sense of humor is similar to yours or you're just all around fine with it. Of course, I'm a fan of it. I laughed a lot at the jokes from the dialogue (Patty is among the queens of these) to the physical humor. It does help that I'm a sucker for slapstick so I think it works for this film.

And I love the designs of the ghosts, my personal favorite being the concert demon. I hoped for a cool ghost design and that thing qualified for what I was looking for. That's not to say I didn't like the others but this thing looked killer. And the music is good too. It's cool to hear an orchestra of the Ghostbusters theme especially during the climax. And I don't mind how that played out because one, all the other films solved their problems without the traps and two, Feig has gotten better at action since The Heat and Spy. It seems that he's now getting the gist of how to do these well.

Honesty, I prefer over this version over the original. Blasphemous to say maybe but it's like me with the TNG crew with Picard and co. being my favorite Star Trek crew. I have a personal favorite to latch onto and these new Ghostbusters are what I've been looking for. It feels like I wanted this but I never asked and worth every minute watching. I highly recommend this, at least give it a chance before dismissing it. Like don't come in wanting to hate it, it's not cool. But it's worth the watch. Trust me.

They're ready to believe you, are you ready to believe them?

P.S. Stay after the credits, it's something special.
Just to weed out people, anyone who supports Trump or thinks anyone of race, gender or in the LGBT community is an enemy; mention it here so I can see which assholes to unfriend. Thanks to a certain someone who commented with the ignorant idea that Chris Evans is racist toward white people because he doesn't like racism or Trump supporters, I finally got confirmation that that stupid asshole no doubt is okay with Trump and supporting fascism. So fuck her entirely. And I want to know anyone else who has a similar mindset.
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I really dug this one better than I thought honestly and it certainly displayed a lot of maturity. What I liked a lot amongst a lot of things was the personal stakes involved especially regarding Rogers, Stark, T'Challa and Bucky. And at the same time, nobody felt shortchanged. Everyone was there for a reason and had something to fight for. I liked Scarlet Witch's arc even as while she doesn't appear as much in comparison, it was sad to see her distraught and horrified, I did honestly feel for her and rooted for her when she finally decides to take a stand against Vision.

There were a lot of silent scenes and characters talking which was really refreshing to be honest as it really did the film a lot of favors with its treatment of its own cast. Like there's a scene where The Vision and Scarlet Witch attempt to cook. It was a nice little scene and while a lead up to a particular moment, it did feel very genuine. Like it felt like I was watching these characters full realized more so than the other films which is really saying something. And of course, the friendship between Captain America and Bucky Barnes was well done, I didn't feel he was shortchanged in his own movie really. I felt the film still stayed on him as the main focus of sorts whilst at the same time, it is clear Bucky is sort of a weakness because he'll continue to fight for his innocence no matter what despite the trouble that comes with it. And as for Stark, the twist where it turned out Bucky killed Stark's parents was a legit shocking twist that I was impressed with how much of it played into the final scenes of the film and as well as even when Stark was so keen on bringing Steve to justice when he doesn't cooperate. It's borderline obsession before it got too personal.

With Spider-Man, I was surprised to see him in an apartment but instantly I figured this just makes more sense than him appearing in a suburban home as him being in an apartment and even rummaging through trash does make him more relatable than how he did when he first started in the 60's, his first appearance in the comics. It does definitely make him more of an everyman-at least representing the current image of that sort of thing and I felt Holland really nailed the character and I liked him better than I thought. He's intelligent but he's still essentially a kid and even Steve kind of calls out Tony on dragging him into this mess.

And of course, Black Panther was really great. Boseman really did great and the costume was awesome and like I said, the last couple of scenes with him and Zemo were handled well. I quite liked his arc as much when you have him realizing his thirst for vengeance was getting him nowhere. Even a lot of subtle acting in the mask when he realizes who really killed his father.

And I didn't expect to like Zemo either. Instead of an unapologetic villain. He's a guy motivated by revenge. And I like that he's just a guy who knows what makes Bucky tick and is using every trick in the book to get the heroes to fight each other. He's a sort of tragic villain of sorts and he honestly is my favorite of the MCU villains besides Kilgrave albeit for different reasons.

I wish to single out the action scenes as not only are a lot of them solid but also the airport scene being the absolute best one as it demonstrates each characters abilities with a lot of variety to them whether it'd be the fighting styles of Black Panther, Black Widow or Falcon but also characters like Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch and Vision. They all gel together in that wonderful weirdness to it that you don't see often outside of superhero movies when different characters are brought together. It feels very fresh and the banter I felt was really solid. I quote got a kick out of that.

I really loved it better than I thought I would, honestly. It really is the best MCU film for me due to the themes and cast of characters. I felt this really mattered by the end of it.
Captain America: Civil War Review
My review of Captain America: Civil War. Hope you enjoy.

Poster belongs to Marvel Studios
(Caution: Spoilers Below)

I really enjoyed this more than I thought. Part of what made it work for me was that the film is indeed about a very arrogant, privileged guy who later on as the film goes on learns humility and respect. He learns that he can do more and interestingly the lessons come from a woman, a black man and an Asian man telling him not to be a douchebag a lot. In fact, it's great set up for his character that is ultimately paid off well that leads to an unconventional and well executed climax. See, Kaecilius (played by Mads Mikkelsen) and his disciples are followers of Dormammu, the big nemesis of Strange in the comics. What Strange does in the film is that he frustrates Dormammu with a trick he learned. Strange traps him in a Groundhog Day loop where he gets killed over and over again until Dormammu agrees to his demands which ultimately defeat Kaecilius and his disciples.

That is a very impressive feat for the character and it's a good way for Marvel to avoid their climaxes getting in a bit of a rut. First there was Civil War's climax and this, just recently their climaxes are subverting expectations of the final battle tropes which everything is solved by fighting really hard. It's brilliant and tricks the audience.

On a character level, this film scores everything especially in the acting department. Strange's arc of course works very well and it was a good idea to stick with the origin story to see him transition from the arrogant, pompous asshat to the humble and intelligent sorcerer he ends up becoming. Benedict Cumberbatch really nailed this across the board. I was banking on Joaquin Phoenix to get the role and felt Cumberbatch was just an annoyingly easy choice but I put my money where my mouth. He was great all around. Cumberbatch was simply born to play Doctor Strange through and through. He even has a convincing American accent and has good chemistry with much of the rest of the cast.

Chiwetel Ejiofor did really well as Mordo. A very dedicated student of the Ancient One and holds true to his morals until he learns unflattering secrets about his mentor given what Strange found out through Kaecilius. It has him shaken up and ultimately what happened in the climax was enough to turn him off. Given what happens after the end credits, his last few moments certainly bring a lot of promise to a future film. Ejiofor is really good in the role as well. I felt a lot with his character and performance, he was engaging in his own right and in plenty of moments, he has good rapport with Cumberbatch.

Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, well to get this out of the way; the whitewashing. Not cool, you could have had hired an Asian actress like Michelle Yeoh in the role. On one hand, I get why for business reasons since Marvel wants money from China and China hates Tibet so change the location and such to Nepal. But in fairness, director Scott Derrikson had noble reasons since he wanted to avoid negative stereotypes and when he pictured the role with an Asian woman, he pictured the "Dragon Lady" stereotype so he didn't want to do that. Fair. But he could have just requested to not write her as such but at least Derrikson understood what the controversy was. So I do agree with the problems people have on the other hand. But I'll take changing the Ancient One to a Celtic than do bad yellowface makeup and failing to pass her off as Asian. So, take what you can get I suppose.

That being said, Tilda Swinton is one of the best things about Doctor Strange. The Ancient One is just quite frankly awesome. Her performance and the way she was written has her above the atypical mentor character. Swinton brings gravitas to the material, she's wise but also eccentric in a way in terms of his way of speaking or body language like how she responds to Strange asking if teas was drugged after an out of body experience, quite literally. But she's also shady in the sense that she does get her power and immortality from the Dark Dimension where Dormammu resides. It's a good conflict and motivation for Strange, Mordo and Kaecilius to question and go the path the way they went. But she is a good person and ultimately, she at least acknowledges she's not perfect. Swinton really nails this character through and through as much as Cumberbatch. Just as engaging and just as fun to watch especially her very first scene in the film where she proves to be a force to contend with.

Benedict Wong as Wong. Again, just all around fun. He has very hilarious moments with Cumberbatch and he's not the Asian manservant as he is often portrayed in the comics which is a plus. No matter what, he was just great to see and I'm glad he'll be kept in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the long run especially since Benedict Wong was perfect.

Mads Mikkelsen made for a terrific villain as I knew he would. No doubt elevating what was on page. Kaecilius is a character who is akin to a cult member. Sprouting the philosophies of every cult in existence like Scientology and the like-believing himself to be the hero and not a monster. To a point where callous murder while not approving of it, feels it's necessary to do to accomplish his goals. Mikkelsen nails this character from beginning to end bringing the appropriate menace and makes for a good reflection of Stephen Strange himself where they excel at their abilities but they have paths in which they question the Ancient One's methods and viewpoints but the main difference being where they end up. Kaecilius ends up delusional. Whilst Strange learns his lessons for the better.

Rachel McAdams while very good especially with her rapport with Cumberbatch, I did feel was wasted. While it's good she's not the designated love interest, I feel there's some missed opportunity to do more with her.

Scott Derrikson as well as the script by Joe Spathis and C. Robert Cargill do very well done enough especially when bringing in magic and sorcery to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The exposition and concepts of dimensions especially the multiverse. The way magic is presented besides the well delivered exposition as to how it all works, it's very complex and mathematical in a way. As opposed to how magic is portrayed in other media like Harry Potter or even the original Doctor Strange comics, there are no wands or summoning spells by words, it's done by specific hand gestures especially if you concentrate hard enough to accomplish it. It makes the fantasy elements stand out more and fits right in with everything else presented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Derrikson does a very good job with the specific vision he wanted for the film and the type of performances he wanted for his cast and again, he had a very good climax in mind. He's certainly gone a long way from his Horror movie days. I mean, this is the guy who made the excellent Sinister.

And the visuals, oh god. This film has been called visually ambitious and this film takes no prisoners because every visual piece whether it's the dark dimension or how Kaecilius is reshaping a New York street (which is among the best parts of the movie), it's ridiculously trippy to the eleventh degree. This goes beyond what the original comics by Steve Ditko went. I can't describe it with words, I can't do that justice. You have to see the visuals to believe it and maybe sneak some pot or mushrooms because I think it may be worth it to get high on the film's visuals.

And I'll say that the music is pretty good too, not a very conventional music score.

Of course stay during and after the end credits. You people have to learn that Marvel movies always have bonus stuff at the end of the movie. But really, this is very worth well seeing. I'm not exaggerating, it is one of Marvel Studios' best films in their ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe library. It's well worth the ticket price. Check it out.


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Just to weed out people, anyone who supports Trump or thinks anyone of race, gender or in the LGBT community is an enemy; mention it here so I can see which assholes to unfriend. Thanks to a certain someone who commented with the ignorant idea that Chris Evans is racist toward white people because he doesn't like racism or Trump supporters, I finally got confirmation that that stupid asshole no doubt is okay with Trump and supporting fascism. So fuck her entirely. And I want to know anyone else who has a similar mindset.
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